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Porsche Bicycle Insurance

We can insure your Porsche Pedal Cycle FREE when You ADD IT onto the insurance for your Porsche motor car.

Now Porsche are creating high-end Bicycles! Enthusiasts and owners are breaking the limits with bicycles powered by the innovation of Stuttgart automaker Porsche. As a result of the demand for alternative transport, the trend of the future is to say "I'll be taking the Bicycle to the office today".

Introducing the Porsche Bike RX, Porsche Bike RS and Porsche Bike...Insurance for Porsche Bicycles
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Porsche Bike RS
Porsche Bike
Porsche Bike RX


Whether for city riding, extended trips or serious offroad use, these bicycles are the perfect complement to the Porsche SUV, Sportster or GT Road-Car. With the idea that you can now complement your daily activities with a smart, energy saving, two-wheeled transportation solution.

The trio features high-end materials and ultra light-weight construction, with components selected from top manufacturers such DT Swiss, Shimano, Magura and Crankbrothers.

Porsche have successfully worked the brand's traditional performance and design characteristics into each model. The trio feature high-end materials and ultra light-weight construction, with the swooping upper crossbar and stance clearly reflecting the lines of the Porsche automobile.

BikeSure Insurance provides premium comprehensive insurance for bicycles, with the ability to cover both business and private use. Our cover includes theft of your bicycle, crashing your bicycle and accidental damage.

Our cover includes...

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Hijacking
  • Accidental damage
  • Third party
  • International Coverage (Southern Africa)

Why choose BikeSure for your Bicycle or Mountain Bike Insurance?

  • Affordable premiums
  • Low flat excess
  • Great Service
  • Hassle free claims process
  • Earn rewards whether you claim or not
  • BikeSure will cover your Mountain Bike or Road Bike not only while training but also during and en-route to races

Porsche Bike RX: is equipped with a 20-speed gear assembly by Shimano which was created primarily for off-road use. It benefits from a carbon frame and rides on a DT Swiss air suspension fork while the stopping power comes from Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

Porsche Bike RS: also features a high-end frame made from carbon fibre components but weighs just 9kg. It features the same 20-speed Shimano gear system and brakes but was designed as a more suitable bike for "urban settings or extended trips."

Porsche Bike: is the pick of the bunch for city riders. It features an 8-speed hub gear assembly by Shimano, which has a low-wear geared belt drive that is able to change gears without making a sound. Stopping power is by MT26 Magura brakes.

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